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How to write a Substack post

A guided tour of the Substack post editor

This week I’m diving into Substack’s post editor, exploring its buttons and toggles and menus and uncovering features you might not have spotted. You can find more videos in this series here.

The video today isn’t about how to be a good writer (you’ve already got that covered) but about how to make the most of all of Substack’s editor features.

I cover things like:

  • Formatting basics

  • How to track word counts

  • Version control

  • Titles, subtitles and author

  • Embedding images, video and audio

  • How to add calls-to-action to your posts

  • Using paywalls

Next time I’ll complete the tour of the editor by looking at post settings, previewing and the potentially scary process of sending. If that sounds useful, please do subscribe!

This video series is entirely free to watch! If you’d like to say thanks, a paid subscription goes a (very) long way.

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