Bonus: Laryssa's journal

What came before

Today I’ve got a bonus Triverse chapter for subscribers, in the form of a journal from Laryssa, the girl whose body washed up on the bank of the Thames at the start of the ‘Traffic’ storyline.

I always hoped to have something from her point of view, as it adds much-needed context that wasn’t going to emerge naturally through the main investigation. The reasons for Laryssa taking her journey and finding herself in the awful situation that led to her death are pertinent and speak to the larger themes I’m intending to explore in the book.

Couple of quick links in case you’re coming in cold:

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Laryssa’s journal

3199, Brightsun 15

We’re going to do it. Me, Pylpo and Zlati have decided and we’re going to DO IT. No more talking. No more dreaming about what could be. Time to make it our reality! Between us we’ve saved enough to pay the fare to get all the way to Max-Earth and freedom. Freedom from the endless servitude that is Palinor. This world has nothing for aen’fa, not any more. The humans suck nature dry, and their wielders even steal the light from the heavens. The koth are harmless but keep to their mountains, refusing to admit that anything is wrong. We’ve all heard the rumours of bands of rebel princesses in the forests, but nobody has ever actually seen them, or knows where to find them. Even if they do exist, they haven’t DONE anything. So what’s the point?

We can wait around for other people to save us, or we can just go. Save ourselves! And that’s precisely what we’re going to do. Here’s how it works:

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