Oh, again, no "Next Chapter" button. Speaking of hard to keep track of minutae...

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Quan was a nice contrast to our last funky a couple of chapters ago. As you noted, with a one of there's only time for one slap of a big brush, but the different colors are appreciated.

More of a reflective chapter here, so... At least Daryla, so far, hasn't manifested the jealous side. Yes, I'd picked up Jyna's attitude, although I'd not commented on it. Obviously, Lola has as well.

On to the next chapter to see what Lola came up with!

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Really enjoyed that, Simon 👍🏼

I like to see detectives work the minutiae before cracking a case. Putting in the hard yards make the resolution more worthwhile I think

Magical Air Conditioning sounds perfect about now. It being this warm for September in Scotland is unheard of, but I guess that’s global warming for you 🙄

We’re quite enjoying Ahsoka so far and quite like the slightly slower pacing. Ray Stevenson’s character is pretty cool and a bit ambiguous but Rosario Dawson is great as always

I’ve not heard of One Piece but I’ll check it out 👍🏼

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