Great chapter! The "harried, patronising, slightly lazy bureaucrat" reminded me of this classic 90s TV show we have here in Austria which is essentially parodying pointless bureaucracy to the extreme. If I could imagine him with a Viennese accent, I would. Come to think of it, this is actually a nice contrast to the grim reality of the refugee camp scenes. Lola is definitely learning some hard lessons!

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Really enjoyed this weeks chapter, Simon

I like how the central mystery is continuing but around it we get to see the issues with immigration, healthcare and social structures that mirror our own problems. Like you said, “Something was fundamentally broken”

The non linear story telling worked really well and Arrival is a great example. It’s one of my favourite Villeneuve movies second only to Blade Runner 2049

Good luck with the pancakes! Have a great weekend 👍🏼

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