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The TV series iZombie was a straight up formulaic police procedural, but with zombies, who suffer prejudice, victimization, and inequality. Much to my surprise, it was well written, well cast, and was far more fun than it should have been. It even has a satisfying ending.

True Blood was a straight up formulaic romance, girl meets boy,, girl meets another boy, girl is torn and confused, girl is sparkly and special, and loved by all, but with vampires and other non-human groups, who suffer prejudice, victimization, and inequality.

The Sopranos was a straight up show about love, loyalty, and the primacy of family. The central families suffered prejudice and victimization at the hands of law enforcement.

The list could go on and on and on. These days, a great deal of storytelling is mashup. So much so that I rarely give it any thought. Aren't we past all that?

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While it's taken me a few more hours than intended to get to this, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you! The hot metal of the cage was a very nice worldbuilding touch.

This line of yours (while admittedly not from your story) will be my mantra in months to come, "just go for it and clench".

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The only advice is to not be afraid of your own themes and statements. You've done marketing, so have first-hand experience with focus groups and market research and all the "fun" things that push so much of what should be creative work into the bland and inoffensive - or just look at anything produced before, say, 1970 or so in TV. Eventually you'll run into that person who disagrees with your themes. Hell, you'll even run into the person who disagrees with your themes who needs to tell you so - possibly rudely. Ironically, such would be a sign of success, as your work spreads out.

You be you, and don't let others tell you otherwise...

That's right, my friend, I just got to throw the Lola theme of this chapter right back at your Author's Note! Boom! Take that!

Speaking of Lola, does she have a girlfriend now, or just a play buddy? Either way, one hopes Princess Daryla doesn't have a petty, jealous side we've not seen yet.

We'll end on the observation it takes a damn good writer to sneak a lot of compelling world, character, and thematic detail into a chapter about getting dressed for work, walking to work and riding the lift to work.

Next week: work.

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Simon, I like very much that you incorporate a detective aspect into your fantasy/speculative universe. Aside from enjoying the reading experience, it helps me put my consider from another perspective the limiting factors that can be applied to my own (somewhat more conventionally set) detective fiction. Have a nice weekend mate!

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