As you noted, this is a "catch up" chapter where a lot of our principles get a chance to compare notes, but we get a hint of what that slug, Nigel, has been up to and the introduction of Pierson's book as a hint to bad guy motivation. So the recap, subtly, moves things along.

Muslim ban/AI ban, government too often takes the fear monger response rather than address root cause. Also cuts off Justin's ability to communicate. Getting them that data recording will be a pain.

And we haven't seen a drugged out/coerced koth since the beginning. Yup, I caught the callback. Poor bastard is gonna get gunned down by the SWAT team. Possibly without leaving clues for our heroes...

Why are typos easier to spot on paper? Studies have looked at this. There's a tactile element to paper that isn't present on a screen. Engages more of the brain. Phone/tablet, oh we touch those, but it's smooth glass, not something with texture. Humans retain more information reading from hardcopy. A PC is worse. You may have keyboard/mouse, but they are removed from the screen, creating an abstract "barrier" of sorts. It's also why the text scale issues don't jump out. On screen, even if bounded by blue, that blue is bounded by the rest of your screen, in turn, bounded by the monitor bezel, skewing perception. The monitor image isn't 1:1 scale with the hardcopy, so your graphic instincts jumped in to fill the available room and not leave "dead space."

This is why margin guides are important. Or "safe zone" guides for video. Even though modern TVs/monitors don't have the bezel over scan cutoff of a CRT you just don't want text and logo bugs too flush with the edge. It looks wrong.

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I'm expecting quite the battle over Justin's data, guessing the koth attack is being staged by the conspiracy for both election purposes and to further restrict portal usage to keep the data away from Max-Earth.

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We've definitely entered the post-truth phase of Triverse! Hard to know what's real.

Thanks for reading, William!

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