I think the Could Kill section was my favorite in this chapter, liked seeing its perspective.

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I forgot: "Irritatingly convivial."

Yeah, Americans abroad are either convivial or grumbling about everything, but we're always irritating.

At least most of us tip.

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Catching up with characters old and new, yet no Sally!

At least one group of conspirators is revealed (I'll have to check back on my own comments - I think you had me off the scent on one of them), and it's confirmed (OK, hinted) that a Quantum AI is playing for a "bad guy" team. Yup, I'm assuming Eliza is an avatar. Why would an AI do things to cause harm? We get the hint with Could Kill. Three universes and unknown data messes up your Asimovian psychohistory. Call it a "Hal 9000" response - drastic and harmful action to resolve a programming conflict.

Poor Nisha.

I haven't been jumping into notes - it's been a very busy week here - but I'll try to jump into the cover debate and see how your writing cross conversation went.

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Apr 21Liked by Simon K Jones

I'm wondering if you have a mental map or a written outline of where you're going, or are you making it up as you go along? My impression is the former.

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