Loving it.

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"Yeah, he still gets the surname."

At that point the reader snorted. Then had to clean the screen. Allergies and laughter can be a dangerous combination.

Kaminski - who I usually refer to as "Zoltan" in comments, but I'm balancing Lola - is (wilfully) overlooking the obvious fact that Stan has a working procedure. Just dismissing someone who has just been shown to be at least 130 (after all, Stan has to grow up and do experiments before getting caught) as "long lived..." He's a smart guy, but basically has no curiosity outside the parameters of his job. "Case closed." Good enough.

Ah, the anti-aging procedure is finally fading? Ok, took a lot longer than anticipated, but, yeah, Immortality wouldn't even be "one and done."

Extradited to Max-Earth? Interesting...

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