Is that a rancor mermaid!?!?😍

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Boy, a bunch of old farts trying to charge someone with murder for selling fake immortality treatments is just a batshit-fun concept. "Fraud" is probably more logical (or likely to stick) charge than "Murder," but the group doesn't seem to be thinking clearly.

The way things have been set up, an amusing implication of the Triverse laws is the paid for treatments might actually be legit... They just won't "stick." We know Palinor magic fades in Mid-Earth. The magic longevity treatments might have held in Palinor, but would fail shortly after returning to Mid-Earth. The Max Earth treatments? I can't speak entirely for the process, but, if we assume a more technological treatment - let's say nanobots cleaning out toxins and repairing damage to cells and organs - then those go dormant as the Max-Earth power sources fail. I don't know if that's how you've plotted things, but the above speculation is consistent with the rules and would be ironic. Irony works in comedy.

I don't think we've been in Shaw's head before? Or maybe only once before. Either way, we return to her just in time for her to be led astray. Yes, more hints into the "bad guys."

Some excellent character work on Nisha and (particularly) Kaminsky this week. I'd say it's an odd choice to drop a huge amount of pathos into a comedy plot, but, of course comedy is often rooted in pain, and, more interesting but oft forgot, comedy is a genre in which a social situation or moré is exaggerated in order to provide commentary, but comedy doesn't actually have to be "funny." Looking at Chekov and his gun here...

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