I like the way you went with it in the end. Good advice!

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Can't wait for the next episode, Simon; Keep it coming.

Rob in Yautepec

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4 ways this resonates with me:

1. Bodies is excellent! We are only 2 episodes deep, because we...

2. ...started watching American Gods, then had to stop because we were on vacation and didn't have Starz, but then picked it back up once we got back home (speaking of Neil Gaiman)

3. Thanks for the mention! I hope the piece was fun to read. you helped inspire it!

4. As uber-nerdy as I was about comic books as a kid, I've also only been to a handful, maybe 4 total ever.

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I chortled aloud at "... put on someone less hot headed.""'Fuck me!"

Based on our short conversation the other night I have theories on how the raid and aftermath will play out, but will keep them to myself, because there's a difference between pure speculation and a potential spoiler based on one iota of "inside info."

Sigh. Even if Miller wasn't "dirty," he'd probably still take Boorman's deal because of the damn politics. *Insert rant on "two-tiered justice" here.*

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