I really enjoy the chapters focussing on characters. We’re with these guys for the long haul so it’s good to know as much about them as possible so we care about them even more as they go through various trials and tribulations 👍🏼

Also, on an unrelated note, there’s a new series on Netflix called Bodies which is set in 1890, 1941, 2023 and 2053 which concerns the same dead body that turns up across all 4 timelines. Meant to be quite good. Made me think of Triverse 🤔

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Yes, you're allowed to pause the "action" for a chapter on character assessment and world foreshadowing. You've done it before.

Actually, the chapter about Lola and Daryla at the party has a similar structure. It's certainly a pause in the "action" of the Rubbish arc, but there's world building in it, and personal character movement. Sure Lola and Daryla tumbling into bed together is more *ahem* "exciting" than Nisha sleeping poorly and not bothering to pick up some toast, but both chapters do come down to "here's the state of mind of a character with some background exposition."

The election...well, you'd not have spent so much time setting up Nigel if he wasn't going to move forward.

"Morgan Clarke" is still in the background (B5 pull).

We'll see what Boorman has to offer. Frankly, at this point, I think he'll ultimately get away with things, but you've surprised me before, so...

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I'm yet to read the full story, thank you for the mention though! More art classes coming soon. Funny also that you chose the name Nisha, which means the opposite of my name. 😅

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