Oh, fuck me, I'm all caught up right as the Author's Note discusses stopping points. Fine, I'll go back to my re-read of "The Wheel of Time," even if it's often a mired slog.

Well done - I was absolutely mislead by the drug effects. I see you smirking at last chapter's comment. Smirk away. You earned it.

See, Robin remembered that private elevator and concierge means all names are known. As it is, I'm only surprised Tommy and Jean weren't wiped from the list.

Speaking of Jean, oh that poor drunk woman got hauled over a railing, mid coitus, by someone tripping balls like the entirety of my (REDACTED) the night we all took acid and (REDACTED) before ending up doing an impromptu performance of the entirety of "Jesus Christ Superstar" at 5am in the backyard, featuring me as Judas (REDACTED) as Jesus and featuring (REDACTED PERSON WHO WENT ON TO BECOME WORLD FAMOUS) as a brilliant Herod.

Then we ceremonially buried the "Jug O' Fun" in the flower bed.

Ah, University age...

Interesting Magick specifically duplicates actual Palinor forms of wielding.

Speaking of the concierge - oh, screw that guy. Unless Boorman quietly has his back, in which case, our SDC detectives could be in real trouble.

Fuck. I'm still caught up. Is it Fri yet? Is it Fri yet? Is it Fri yet? Still Tuesday? Dammit.

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Sorry to hear you’re not keeping well, Simon. We returned from holiday on Wednesday to find my son had caught Covid which was a bummer so there’s certainly a lot of it going about just now. Hope you’re feeling better soon

Kaminski always makes me smile. Last week, he was advocating smoking as a way to get over stress and this week he sees it as a way to not worry about pollution 😁

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Yeah, Covid definitely making a resurgence at the moment. :( Apparently that's not what I've had, just an unpleasant cold here. It's definitely been one of those weeks which feels like everything is piling on top of everything else!

And yes, Kaminski probably isn't the healthiest member of the SDC team. He has a somewhat fatalist approach to life. :)

Thanks for reading, Daniel!!

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Oct 13, 2023Liked by Simon K Jones

Thank you so much for the shout out Simon! I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I've been battling some long COVID myself for a while. I hope you feel better soon, reward yourself for managing to get this chapter out despite the circumstance. Also, don't be like me and feel guilty for resting.

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It's easy to tell other writers to rest and look after themselves, but is always harder to apply that advice to yourself. :)

Thanks - and hope that long COVID recedes. It's still such an under-examined thing.

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