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Nigel seems nice. "Seems" being the operative term, here.

I've never understood the "have a beer with," metric. Lots of people I enjoy having a drink with - should be meeting one tonight - who I wouldn't want doing anything meaningful - like the guy I'm meeting tonight. Likeability isn't actually job qualification.

My go-to example remains George W. Bush vs Al Gore. People chose Bush as the one they'd "most like to have a beer with" and here I am wailing, "Oh, good, choose to have a beer with the recovered alcoholic, you idiot." This would usually lead to a "Bush is a businessman," from the other person followed by my, "yeah, he bankrupted three businesses, you idiot, including an oil company!"

Obviously my political discourse skills needed work then. Now I'm (slightly) better at not calling idiots "idiots" to their faces.

Of course in 2016, "Oh I'd rather have a beer with Trump!" "Trump doesn't drink, but I'm sure he'd split an Adderall with you!" "Trump is a businessman!" "He bankrupted TWO casinos! How do you bankrupt two businesses where people literally throw money at you?"

Anyways. Nigel. Yeah. Half expected the egg thrower to be a plant. Instead we get to wonder "what list?"

Still... Working "under" Nigel, I'm sure Alice has taken worse to the face.

Also, Constable Maria - part of the rapid response team carrying the big guns against aen'fa and koth - being Earth First can never ever cause any problems in any way shape or form. Nope! Nothing to see here.

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