Man, also hoping Alice being "especially comely" and "most capable" isn't implying the creepy Jimmy Savile things I felt it implied. If you're following our Earth's Timeline for UK General Elections then the "Last Campaign" implies 1970 (since the UK General Election in 1974 was held Feb 28th...), and I'm not certain what an "especially comely" 14 year old would be doing in a "most capable" manner during the 1970 election.

Especially as Nigel here yells at his "most capable" assistant just before telling her she'll basically get any job she wants.

Man, you really established Nigel as an asshole among assholes. Nigel Planer is the the only Nigel I can think of offhand who gives the name "Nigel" a good name!

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Nigel can, in no way, shape, or form fuck things up badly...


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