I knew I'd read these characters' names before, but, other than poor Laryssa, I didn't immediately remember them all... You ARE referencing back to 2021... And even my re-read from the beginning to catch up caught me up in August 2022...

Fortunately, you were kind enough to link the relevant chapters in the Author's Notes. Part of the delay in this comment, since I had more re-reads.

Laryssa... Who knew all this time she had more sinister connections than being a refugee seeking a better life? Well, the author. This chapter reinforces her tragedy, as those she left behind are ignorant to her fate.

(Digression: my re-reads - and re-re-reads in some cases - spell out the double difficulty of retaining information dribbled in small doses over an extended period, combined with my own aging/worsening memory, and an unfortunate "brain fog" aftermath from my COVID last December. Since then I've just felt like I've been "off," certainly doing a lot more really dumb things like leaving the house unlocked when going into town, or worse, leaving the keys in the front door for hours while walking into town. Pre COVID? A mistake I'd made once or twice in 40 years. Post COVID? Let's say I have Laura actively reminding me not to do such things after I did them three times in a week. I'm dumber now. Relevant to this story, I see from my own comments that by August 2022 I'd identified DCI Miller as a "baddie," but in July 2023 I was surprised he was a baddie. If Alzhiemer's or dementia ran in my family I'd be worrying I was showing early symptoms. It doesn't - all my blood relatives remained sharp as a razor into their 70's and 80's with my Godfather/Uncle Tom only showing cognitive decline after COVID as he approaches 90.)

Relevant to this week's Monday column on storytelling and theme parks. In my comment there (and I don't know if you'll read this or that first) I comment on how the reader's imagination fills in details with specific examples on how I might visualize a Simon Jones character/location one way, then you draw something or drop a detail and we've seen things in a different way...

...Yeah, I didn't think of Lola as blonde.

Everybody loves Lola.

There's a story reference this week to "She's not up to it, yet." I'll assume "she" is someone we've met before, and, oddly, I feel this is Princess Daryla. She seems different to many others in her social class, although she is definitely an aristocrat. I can see her being part of a revolutionary scheme, but thinking the revolution will involve less violence than such things do. We shall see.

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