"The idea of his planet being used as a dumping ground for miscreants rubbed him up the wrong way."

No shit.

Ok, no "magic battery," just some Chris Angel trickery. Still, it's a good idea and fits with the Triverse as described, so maybe later.

You know I recently blitzed from the start, but I guess I didn't spot when the bug got planted!

Regarding making a comic with AI but worrying about consistency of images... Well, I doubt your PC is powerful enough to train the AI, but, with the right hardware that issue goes away. Dreambox lets one train the AI. Corridor discusses it here.


Others have done AI comics as discussed here.





We've discussed my opinions on this elsewhere, but the genie is out of its bottle and this genuinely disruptive toolset is out in the wild. I've already lost work to AI, know other artists who have lost work to AI and know still more artists anticipating losing work to AI, because it's going to happen. No corporation is going to overlook something fast and free in favor of something slow which costs money. Disney Interactive is already trying it out... Why, yes, it's a friend who works for Disney Interactive worried about his job. Especially as a chronic medical issue has slowed his output. It's you who reminded me last year that, "corporations are not your friend," and who cares about two decades with the company when an AI tool doesn't have to deal with nerve damage?

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