Using the Substack post editor: part 2

Explaining Substack's editor settings


This is the latest in my Substack for Beginners video series. Do remember, if you’re just here to read Tales from the Triverse or the usual newsletters, you can easily customise what you receive by visiting your account.

Hi everyone. There was a more innocent time when I thought I’d pump these videos out each week. 🤣 This one has taken a while longer than expected, but that’s also because there’s been a lot going on.

Today I continue my look at the Substack editor, specifically diving into the settings window and the publishing process. I cover stuff like:

  • How drafts work, and where to find them

  • How to send different newsletters to free and paid subscribers

  • Where you can update your post’s SEO settings

  • How free previews work

  • How to set up early access for paid subscribers

What else is happening? Well, for starters

published an excellent essay about the Bin Laden/Tik Tok thing, which more-or-less also functions as a guide for writing good villains. I’m not sure if that was Erik’s intent, but don’t miss it:

The Intrinsic Perspective
Osama bin Laden's TikTok popularity is based on childish notions of evil
As was widely reported yesterday across outlets like Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and Newsweek…
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Apparently the UK is the second fastest growing Substack cohort. Noice:

Substack Reads
The great British take-off
Back in November 2021, I left my once-upon-a-time dream job as editor in chief of Elle UK magazine to join Substack as head of writer partnerships for the U.K. I had been a traditional-media journalist and editor for over 20 years at that point. But there was a problem: legacy media was dying. Local press outlets were shuttering every few months. Nation…
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is running an interesting community collaboration project. I don’t have the time to take part this go round, but if you’re looking for some inspiration do check it out:

Catch & Release
Same Walk, Different Shoes
Writing is thinking very slowly. You have time to notice the landscape of your thoughts, to see the sharp outline of a belief you hold that you never realized was there before. It was always just a blur among other shapes that line the road you travel at speed in your daily life, rushing to the next thing…
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shared a lovely review of No Adults Allowed, my cheery post-apocalyptic novel:

Thanks, Daniel! Next on Daniel’s reading list is Dune, so, er, I’m glad he read mine before rather than after that one.

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you all on Friday.

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