Try doing your world building in-universe


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Fun research!

First up, I wrote a brief piece on how I’m approaching world building for my next project. Rather than a pile of scrappy notes, I’m taking a more characterful approach. More here.

Elle Griffin’s stuff

Last week I stumbled upon Subtack writer Elle Griffin via her fascinating article The one where writing books is not really a good idea. Her work is unusually well-researched for online blog-type material (I think she has a background in journalism, which would explain it), packed full of interesting stats and actual analysis instead of just hot takes. It’s provocative, at times depressing, at times inspiring and essential. Coincidentally, given my interests, Elle comes down on serialisation being a potentially useful route for authors.

Elle has another article similarly thought-provoking called No one will read your book.

Cool maps

Lastly, take a look at this incredilble Map of the Internet:

You can see an astonishing super high-res version here.

Thanks for reading!

Simon K Jones