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How to figure out your Substack's settings

Explaining over 50 million individual settings in one video

This is the latest in my Substack for Beginners videos. If you didn’t sign up to this newsletter for that sort of thing, no worries! You can customise exactly what you receive in your newsletter settings.

Let’s be honest. This is not the most exciting video I’ve ever made.

However, it is vitally important and hopefully enlightening. Your Substack publication has a silly number of settings and it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what they all do. Handily, that’s what this videos is for. If you’ve been putting off customising your settings, now is the time - it will 100% give your publication a major boost.

If you find this useful, there’s more in the series here. And you can always say ‘thanks!’ with a lovely subscription:

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I’ll be back on Friday with a new chapter of Triverse. 😃

Thank you for watching! Think this might be of interest to someone else?


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